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Recently completed installations

Comvita Racking installation was completed February 2019

Dexion Speedlock(120 uprights) with 140 Beams.

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Comvita this year, opened a high-tech facility for storing its Raw and Processed Honey products.

Our brief in this instance was superior racking technology, in particular strength and seismic tolerance.
The value of Product which will be stored in these rooms is staggering and near irreplaceable.

Our Uprights in this room are 120mm wide E type extra heavy duty and the Beams are a full 40mm thicker than standard. When fully loaded and tested the deflection was less than half the acceptable tolerance with Pallets nearing two tons each in weight – meaning a very high level of redundant strength in the system.

Additionally, to address the seismic issue the Baseplates we use are unlike others in the market - heavy 10mm steel of a design which allows a degree of movement and recovery in event of floor movement.

Comvita like to hold tours of their facility so a high standard of cosmetic appearance was also required and delivered.

Coda Logistics completed March 2019

Install one: Saville Drive Auckland

Install Two: Detroit Lane Rolleston

Christchurch :

Selective racking

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Coda Rolleston, this is the second Facility we have fitted Racking for Coda, the other being Saville Drive in Auckland to a similar design.

It’s 10.5m high and about 5000 pallet positions. It went through extremely stringent engineering review due to its location, which it passed without issue.

At the completion Coda manager, Mike passed down the line that he would halve our target timeframe for the next one, seeing as it was finished ahead of time again (joking I hope).

Coda was having a grand opening, so we pushed through to finish a couple of days ahead of the scheduled completion, so Coda had some time to load the racking and make some floor space for their grand opening.

Kaiaponi Farms

Kaiaponi Farms

cool store.

First shed of a 

Satellite installation March 2019

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Kaiaponi Farms This is the first Satellite (Automated Shuttle pallet movement system) we have built in Gisborne. Shuttles replaced drive-in racking with significant advantages of high-density storage while still having a good range of SKU’s, less manpower and smarter location recording systems.

Shuttles are of very high demand in cool store applications and you will now find them all over the country accordingly.

EastPack BOP

Eastpak BOP

cool store.

First shed of a 

Satellite with

automated crane system installation April 2019

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Eastpack It is fair to say Eastpack is one of the most ambitious racking projects undertaken in New Zealand and as market leaders Dexion are the ones to do it.

The concept is a cold storage room where pallets go in on a conveyor, are automatically distributed inside the room and are fed out in the order required – without humans going into the room at all.

Intelligent computer programs understand what is required in what order and distribute pallets accordingly.

More specifically inside the room, the system is 12 meters high with the highest density per meter of storage of anyone in the Bay. It is a crane/conveyor combined with a shuttle that is the next logical step in smarter storage solutions. Interest from many parties in this project is high.

We are pleased our crews were selected to install this as the tolerances were much higher than standard racking, which we have demonstrated can be achieved with the right team even on a limited timeframe.