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Storage shelving INSPECTIONS & AUDITS

Pallet Racking storage shelving Safety Checks Inspections & Audits are undertaken by our trained & certified Racking inspectors. Call us now to book your next safety check.

Dexion safety inspections
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A safety audit makes sense for keeping

your warehouse operating safely & efficiently


But how often do you need one, and what will our

Does safety inspector look at?


Pallet racking frames can be bumped and damaged by forklifts

on a regular basis.

Living in New Zealand means small earthquakes are relatively common.


Or maybe you need to change beam heights

to accommodate a change in-stock items.

Conducting a safety audit is a vital step to protecting

your staff and your valuable stock.

If you wish to have a safety and maintenance program,

put in place, please call the Mr. Shelf Commercial team,

& we can set you up for a safety inspection to be scheduled every 12 months.

Or perhaps you want a one-off safety inspection of your Racking or shelving,

no problem gives us a call & we’ll get onto it.

When should you get a safety audit?

In terms of safety inspections to meet New Zealand’s Health & Safety legislation, there are no requirements for existing racking.

However, if there’s an incident involving your existing racking, you’ll need to consider its occupational safety and insurance implications.

Maybe there’s been a recent, significant earthquake in your region.

We recommend a professional safety audit, to ensure your racking is still structurally sound following seismic activity.

Maybe the racking is showing signs of wear & tear, or you haven’t had an inspection for some time.

If you’re undertaking a new build or upgrading your pallet racking, you may need building consent.

This covers soil class, concrete specifications, the loaded weight on your racking, your seismic area, and the structural integrity of your racking.

Contact us for this type of advice.

What to expect from our team during a safety audit?

Our team will do a visual inspection to identify any points of damage.


They’ll check for correct loadings, and make sure your safety signs are in place and visible.

You’ll then get a report highlighting any areas of damage and an estimate for any repairs needed.

This is a good time to look at proactive ways to optimize the safety and efficiency of your storage systems. We can discuss and recommend safety products including anti-collapse mesh, and aisle and post protectors to keep your staff safe and protect your racking. Check out our safety products for more information.

What’s the downtime?

Our crew will work around your operations to eliminate downtime.

Our team is experienced working in operating areas.

We recommend a yearly safety check.

So, if it’s been a while since your last inspection, please give us a call to book.

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