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U Can Stack storage shelving

U Can stack has been designed for building customized storage shelving to suit your needs.
Cabinets can be stacked or aligned to suit your requirements.
When stacking 2 cabinets on top of each other the overall height is 1950mm high to match the garage storage solutions.
All open cabinets can be added to by including a shelf or drawer.
All open cabinets are predrilled to suit any combination.
Cabinets with doors can have shelves added to them.
Hanging rails come with attachments to fit between cabinets to create hanging storage.



Mix & Match With U Can Stack 
Fully assembled customize your own layout.

*If you are ordering online and are located outside Tauranga or Hamilton, your cabinetry will be shipped Flat packed with instructions for you to assemble onsite.


U Can Stack Accessories

Made in NZ cabinets built to last!

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