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Dexion lead sponsor of Mount Monster endurance surf lifesaving race

Dexion NZ in combination with Dexion supply centre Mt Maunganui (Mr Shelf Commercial) are the proud sponsors and the epic Mount Monster endurance race again this year. This is the third year that Dexion have chosen surf lifesaving to be the recipients of their sponsorship.

This iconic event attracts surf life saving athletes from around the world who test their surf skills and fitness against each other and ocean to compete in a 25 Km endurance race supported by local businesses in the bay. There is a saying "fitter faster lifeguards save lives".

By sponsoring and encouraging surf athletes to compete at this level Dexion is doing its bit to save lives on New Zealand beaches again this year. Come along saturday morning for a day of fun in the sun watching our best battle it out.The race covers a 5km beach run , 1.5km run swim run, 12km ski paddle to Omanu and back and 6 km kneeboard to end on the the main Mount beach in front of the crowd.See you there.

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